TopCat Markets offers a full-service, cook to order restaurant at select locations serving breakfast and lunch along with weekly specials. Locations feature hot biscuits (ham, sausage, egg, etc) until 10:00AM daily. We also have a food truck cooperative with Notorious P.I.G. and award-winning BBQ. Plan your week and save some cash on an awesome lunch with TopCat Markets!

TopCat Markets feature a wide selection of chips and dip, candy, chocolate treats, healthy choices, crackers, peanuts, jerky, canned food items, grocery items, packaged bakery items, and so much more. If you're running late for work and need a quick breakfast, or if you forgot an ingredient in making dinner one evening, chances are TopCat Markets stocks what you need. We can save you that long trip to the grocery store. Come by and check out our vast selection.

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What's better on a hot day than a frozen treat to cool you down? Nothing! Come by and enjoy frozen treats at the nearest location to you. Some have hand-dipped ice cream, all have ice cream coolers full of classic favorites, Icee machines, and more.

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