TopCat Markets proudly serves great coffee and cappuccinos. We have partnered with prominent roasters like Green Mountain Coffee to offer only the finest to our loyal customers. We understand that sometimes a good, big cup of coffee is the only thing standing between you and 30 years to life for murdering one of your kids or a co-worker. We're happy to serve up the best to keep you out of trouble! We also offer hot chocolate for those cold, winter days.

We carry the full line of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other prominent drink makers products by the single bottle or can, 6 and 12 packs, and 2-liter bottles. We also have a full selection of energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster. TopCat Markets offers a full line of all natural juices, as well as juice, milk, and water by the half gallon and gallon. Come in and quench your thirst!

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Cold and Performance Drinks, Milk, Juice


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TopCat Markets now offers all major brands of beer - from the 22 ounce can to the 24 can case, and everything in between. We also carry a great selection of craft/microbrew beers like Sierra Nevada, Green Man, New Belgium, seasonals, and select local beers. In North Carolina, we also offer a great selection of box and bottle wines.

Beer, Craft Beer, Wine, and Bags of Ice

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Hot Drinks

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Signature Vintage Drink Collection

TopCat Markets offers a large vintage drink and glass bottle collection at each store. Our signature section of drinks features Cheerwine, all flavors of Nehi, Stewart's, Dr. Enuf, Sun Drop, RC Cola, and glass bottles of more well known brands like Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, and Dr. Pepper.

TopCat Markets

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