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Real Estate

TopCat Markets, Inc. has real estate opportunities available, including stores, spaces within stores, and spaces within commercial complexes for lease. All real estate is handled by T. C. Lewis & Co. Please visit for more information. The award-winning real estate firm is headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina with offices strategically located around the Appalachian region.


The firm was recently featured in Financial Times as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in the Americas, along with a highlight in Inc. magazine as one the the Fastest Growing Privately Held Businesses in America, along with a feature in Entrepreneur among others. The sales brokerage continues to be a market leader in both residential and commercial real estate. The property management division manages residential (single and multi-family), commercial (office and retail), mixed-use, and industrial properties and has over $200 million in assets under management (and growing daily). The firm also provides construction management and consulting services for all types of projects - specifially convenience stores. T. C. Lewis & Co. not only serves clients from all parts of the US, but also a diverse international client base investing in US and international properties.

​With a dedication to getting results for clients, T. C. Lewis & Co. prides itself in always being a step ahead of the competition in customer service, quality, and innovation. Serving individual, investor, and corporate clients, T. C. Lewis & Co. is the standard of comparison.

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