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Johnson City, TN, USA




Company Regional Offices and Warehouse


3.5 Acres, 8,000 sqft


Cory Lewis

This commercial project became a new regional office and warehousing facility for the client. 

This commercial property was acquired by the client as a steel building originally built in the 1960s. The client required multiple conference rooms, private offices, and a well lit warehouse space for the interior.


On the exterior, we developed a plan to modernize the exterior look - a rustic modern design that we developed using large cedar timbers and cedar siding accents with two-tone gray paint. We incorporated existing electrical and building signage locations, provided a covered entry area, dropbox and cedar accent walls, large address numbering, and subtle placement of security cameras.

6616 a.jpg
6616 b.jpg
6616 d.jpg
6616 e.jpg

The finished space layout of the building was rebuilt purposefully with better flow for the client use and controlled access with a fob system. It now features a reception area, private offices, a drafting and plan room, bullpen office area, file and supplies storage areas, and multiple conference rooms.

We brought the outside in with cedar signage backing, shelving, and a large, 8' custom built sliding door on black steel railing for the largest conference room.

The exterior got new secured, fenced areas with access control on gates, security at the covered storage, and better flow for efficient daily employee use.

Architectural Plans


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